You have the phone of a missing girl

Amy Morris disappeared after a night out with friends and you have access to her messages. Over the next 7 days receive texts, photos and video messages and discover the truth behind her disappearance.

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Discover the truth behind Amy's disappearance

Great story!

"I was on the edge of my seat the whole 7 days waiting for the latest"

Hooked from start to finish

"Engaging story, incredibly fresh way of telling it. Totally worth the time"

Totally gripping and addictive

My mind was blown by how much I felt like I was snooping on someone else's phone"

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One night out. Hundreds of unread messages.

For her 26th birthday, Amy Morris plans a night out to remember. But when her friends discover she never made it home, they embark on a week they'll never forget. Discover her relationships, stories and secrets as you uncover the truth.

This story is told in real-time to add realism. That means if a character says they'll message you at 9pm, you'll need to wait until that time to receive that message.

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